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Dr. Makarand Dixit

Dr Makarand M Dixit is a highly qualified doctor with his paramount passion for animals. He brings in a decade of experience in variety of emergency, rescue, gastric, dermatological and other cases. He radiates a wonderful aura of unhurried calmness and gentleness to everything he does. He will not only charm the pets with his behavior but also makes the pet parent understand the whole situation in depth and keep them well informed of the line of treatment. He can work wonders with even stressed, distressed and aggressive pets and that what differentiates him from others.
Associated with many NGOs since college time, he graduated from Nagpur Veterinary College in 2011 and completed his masters in 2013 from the same institute. Always passionate about learning new things he always had an inclination towards pet practice. He worked for some esteemed companies in Pune and Mumbai while learning new skills in pet practice. He already had a good client base in Nagpur since 2011 and the same inspired him to return back to his native city. Here he established Real Care Small Animal Clinic in 2017 to serve the pets in need and offer the best holistic treatment. He has been a part of many seminars and conferences for continuous educational progress. He has served as the shelter incharge for SPCA Nagpur for one year. Also he undertook training with WVS for animal birth control. He has also completed basic course of animal acupuncture organized by Delhi Pet Practitioners Association and is a life member of iVET forum.


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