About Us

The Real Care Small Animal Clinic is a modern and well-equipped, purpose built veterinary clinic. The main vet Dr. Makarand Dixit, dedicated and caring professional has over 10 years experience. Here we value preventative healthcare for the long-term wellness of your pet. We therefore like to see you when your pet is healthy to ensure it stays healthy and happy as it moves through its stages of life & you enjoy a peaceful pet parenthood. 

We strongly believe in quality more than quantity and hence we stock our online outlet with best of the best supplements, foods and other accessories for your lovely pets. We also boast of a few products in each category which are rare, best and result oriented.


Strengthening the human-animal bond with best pet care.

We are always here to help

We’re focused on urgent care for your pets. Similar to urgent care for people, we provide treatment that falls between routine exams and emergency care. Essentially, urgent care is what you need when you think to yourself, “Hmm, something’s off with my pet — a vet should take a look at this ASAP.”

To keep your pet healthy and happy, it’s important he or she visits us for vaccines and physical examinations. The frequency of these visits depends largely on a few factors: breed, age, lifestyle and any existing conditions. But if you sense your pet is experiencing discomfort between those exams, bring them in — we’d be happy to check things out.

meet our doctor


Dr. Makarand Dixit


Dr. Makarand Dixit is not only our Chief Veterinary Doctor but the founder of Real Care Small Animal Clinic. His passion towards animal health care is what drove him to start. Dr. Makarand Dixit is extremely hard working, caring and loving towards every person and pet. The most inspiring part of his  job is the incredible moment when a sick animal feels better, and their pet-parent sees the difference in their lives.