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Pet Adoption

Today we find a lot of homeless dogs and cats on the streets who deserve a loving family. But the major concern is to find and showcase such animals to the potential adopters and bring a uniform method for the same. We are here to bridge the gap between the cute homeless fur balls and the humans with big hearts who want to enrich their lives by adopting them. We, in association with the shelters, true animal lovers etc., have created a platform where both the parties can come and find what they want.

The shelters or genuine animal lovers who really want to help such animals will have to register with us. Their background will be checked thoroughly before the acceptance of the registration.

 We also have options for the people who really want to help but have time and space constraints. Please get in touch with us for details. Not only this, we also endeavour to connect potential fosters with the people who have such pups who need to be fostered.

The registration for the fosters is free and the uploads will be free too. Fosters will be allowed to upload not more than five pets on the website pet day.

An adoption fee of  Rs. 1000 will be charged from the person willing to adopt the pup & maximum part of it will be spent for stray dog feeding and their care.

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