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Restrore your Pet’s Quality of life!

Custom made wheel chairs from RealPetCare. High quality and durable to give dog the comfort and confidence they deserve.


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    • Improve your pet’s mobility and quality of life by enabling your pet to stand & walk.
    • Perfect for older arthritic dogs & any pets experiencing both rear and front limb weakness.
    • Excellent for post-surgical rehabilitation, or as an alternative to surgery.
    • Easily adjustable in height, length and width.
    • Lightest wheelchair on the market, to relieve stress on the front legs & shoulders.

    Recommended Conditions

    • Advanced Degenerative Myelopathy
    • Cervical Ruptured Disc
    • Spinal Trauma
    • IVDD Effecting Front Legs
    • Front and Rear Limb Arthritis
    • Old Age
    • Front Amputees

    We only require 4 basic measurements. Please, just do the best as you can, and our expert staff will take it from there. As always, every Realcarepet wheelchair is custom built, highly adjustable, and guaranteed to fit.

    1. Height from top of back to ground.
    2. Length between mid-point of hips and shoulders.
    3. Width of body straight across at widest point.
    4. Girth or circumference around the body at widest point.

    Delivery charges applicable outside Nagpur
    Within Nagpur you can pick up from clinic personally or delivery charges will be applied depending on the distance from clinic (25 to 250rs)

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