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Our Recent Patients

some of our recent visitors at the clinic whom we happily served

Rabbit Feeding- what’s good and what’s not to feed…

    Things to feed and not to feed to your Rabbits Here I have enlisted the important food ingredient for your rabbit’s balanced diet. You can also use supplements like that of multivitamins and calcium on your vet’s recommendations. […]

Should I mate my pet only once Doctor?

In my practice I daily encounter the above question and that encouraged me to write this up. I have been regularly trying to educate my clients about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. But again and again I […]

Lovable Labrador

Origin: The breed originated on the island of Newfoundland, off the northeastern Atlantic coast of Canada. Originally called the St. John’s dog, after the capital city of Newfoundland, they were bred to help the local fishermen–hauling nets, fetching ropes, and […]

9 tips for a comfortable and safe long distance car travel with pets

Start young: As with everything else, your pet should associate a car ride with a positive and happy experience. For this you should take your pet on short rides right from the puppy age. It will be unfair to take […]

Client Reviews

See what our pet parents has to say about us!

Nitika Gudadhe
Nitika Gudadhe
05:06 25 Apr 20
I’ve been taking my pug here for several years and Dr. Dixit is the BEST. First time I took my pug here two years ago... when he was just four months old and had consistent fever. I visited some vets in my city but his fever never went down, I was so worried. After Dr. Dixit’s treatment he never gets fever again. The clinic is 120 km far from my city but the best treatment and care is what I want for my fur baby. Dr. Dixit is very gentle and interacts well with his patients. He is always very thorough in answering all of my questions and provides phone consultation as well. Thank you sir!It's really a real care veterinary clinic. One you can trust!!read more
Sneha Dhanke
Sneha Dhanke
17:13 24 Feb 20
Really thankful Sir, bottom of my heart for saving my rabbits life
shivam warthi
shivam warthi
15:14 19 Oct 19
One of the best pet clinics in the city. Makrand sir evaluates each and every issue thoroughly and even guides you for... various things for your pet. Besides, he's super friendly with the pets. Highly recommended!read more
Priti Soman
Priti Soman
02:28 17 Aug 19
best clinic, and compationate dr, he tells u about the health of animal in easy to understand way. i trust him for my... pets over anyone else. they also have a you tube channel where the dr shares imp tips on pet care. do see the video on real care small animal clinic channel on you tuberead more
Raksha Upadhyay
Raksha Upadhyay
03:28 08 Jul 19
Too negligent!!! Lost my pet because of their lack of empathy n immediate actions for animals !!! For them animals are... just a piece of show so they treat it too casually... doesnt even feel the seriousness of its health at times of emergency.. casually deal with it sayin so easily like yea it was ill it died.. dude what for you are a veteran if u just cant properly diagnose n medicate nor do u tell about any preventive measures or major risk factors !read more
Diksha Deshbhratar
Diksha Deshbhratar
10:21 30 Oct 18
Nice experience.... Must take ur pets there for their treatment..... Doctor is best.....
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