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Bayer Kiltix Collar Large


Product Description

Dogs are very weak to ticks and fleas during the rainy season and external parasite infestation can be a cause of many allergies and infections. Bayer Kiltix dog necklace is a necklace large high quality smeared with chemicals like propoxur Flumetrine and safeguarding the dog against ticks and fleas up to 7 months.

Flumethrin element is an excellent aid in inhibiting the parasitic growth. Propoxur pushes up being another constituent of flies and lice of the dog’s body.

Bayer dog collar Kiltix great works on a principle called effect hot foot, where ticks and fleas are repelled before they can infest dogs. The necklace is suitable for large and giant breed dogs.


A mounting collar for all dogs weighing 19 kg above.

It provides protection against ticks and fleas up to 7 months.

Relieves itching and scratching in dogs.

Repels external parasites, even before infestation.

Eliminates lice and fleas.


Dog collar recommended for large and giant breed dogs


Flumethrin 2.25% w/w

Propoxur 10% w/w


Protect from Ticks and Fleas

Effective for – 6 to 7 months


Be careful about expiry date

Do not use on cats

Do not use on sickening animals

Do not allow pets to chew collar

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